10.5 Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Be creative. Create your own tagline (headline). Write a tagline that brands you and your product(s) or service(s). Be sure to use keywords in your headline.Shaun Cook LinkedIn Headline
  2. Post. Post. Post. Use the “updates” feature to share your expertise and experience with your network and help grow your company’s followers.
  3. Keep your summary updated. Review and update your “summary” every couple of months. A strong summary is critical to successfully branding yourself on LinkedIn.
  4. Join a group. Identify 25 to 50 LinkedIn groups you are interested in on LinkedIn and join. Explore the groups’ members and connect with members with similar interests.
  5. Recommendations are like currency. Get at least five recommendations from clients, customers, vendors and former employers or colleagues.
  6. Customize the website field on your profile. Use the “other” option to personalize the name and URL of your website, instead of the  default “my company” or “my blog” setting.http://shauncook.co
  7.  Worth a 1000 words. To brand yourself on LinkedIn, a current and professional photo is a must. A “good” photo should reflect the person you are and the business you are in. Whether you like it or not, your photo makes the first impression for your connections. People want to see who they are talking to and who they are doing business with.
  8. Movement is engaging. Add a video to your profile.
  9. Have fun. Use an exciting, engaging invitation when asking people to join your network.
    1. What are you doing outside of social media that would make someone interested in your social media persona? List interesting areas of your professional life and even areas of your personal life that relate to your professional industry.
    2. Promote your blog via your LinkedIn profile.
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