LinkedIn Social SEO Apex

LinkedIn: Social SEO Apex

LinkedIn: Social SEO Apex

LinkedIn assumes the role of the apex predator via a unique set of internal algorithms created to prioritize optimized profiles that afford businesses and individuals an advantage in respect to search results. An optimized LinkedIn profile translates into higher search engine rankings for your blog posts, website content, and social marketing updates.

Dan Zarrella, HubSpot social marketing scientist, conducted a study of link sharing and SERPs (search engine results page) interrelation between Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.LinkedIn: Simply the Best Social Shares

The premise for the study is deeply entrenched in best practice search engine optimization consultants strategies; when your content receives more shares, your content is seen by more people, shared by more websites, and ultimately generates more in-links to your content. In other words, when someone Googles the keywords of an optimized LinkedIn profile that profile appears in the top results.

LinkedIn affords your personal brand the credibility content researchers search for when Googling, or researching an individual, topic, or keyword. LinkedIn leads the top three social media platforms search engine optimization. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile can skyrocket your search engine optimization results and improve the return of your social marketing strategy astronomically.

An optimized LinkedIn profile can boost your search engine rankings and your social marketing status dramatically. Combined with an effective social marketing seo strategy your web content, presentations, ebooks, podcasts, and videos are also given higher prominence in the search engine results for the right keywords. Download How to Leverage Linkedin Today!

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